Market Support

Technical support – innovative and sustainable

We support our partners with high-quality market support to ensure strong customer loyalty and promote the optimum customer experience with innovative and sustainable workshop and service concepts.



Our customers benefit from our expertise gained from complete vehicle development and our cross-sector experience in providing sustainable, future-oriented solutions.

Sebastian Domröse, Team Manager

Strengthening customer loyalty through innovative and sustainable concepts

Increasing cost-effectiveness through efficient and automated processes

Provision of knowledge and expertise

Workshop and Service Planning

Based on our many years of experience, we take on the task of planning your workshop for you in every detail – from the initial concept development and implementation to the selection of the workshop equipment and the construction and testing of special tools. We create both digital and conventional service packages for you. Our specialists carry out a needs and benchmark analysis and take responsibility for the requirements management process, roll-out planning, and communication on your behalf. Our portfolio is further supplemented by the development of on-demand and connected services.  


Product line management

Our experts are skilled in selecting, developing, and packaging products, spare parts, and service processes according to the customers’ needs and customer groups, ensuring that your company’s financial targets are met in the best possible way. 

Our flexible and clear structures enable us to design and control ranges of parts. As a result, product line management supports the company’s positioning and brand recognition.

Our specialists develop, analyze, and optimize your product lines with the aim of providing a future-oriented product range. In this way, we provide advice and support, including reducing variants and product lines and therefore optimizing costs.

First, Second, & Third Level Support

Many customers switch brands because they are dissatisfied with a company’s customer service. You can benefit from our many years of experience in first, second, & third level support and achieve customer loyalty due to optimum service. We ease your work load by providing digital support as well as system and telephone support. Our experts’ experience on all development and support levels and their high rate of success in providing in-house solutions will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of having satisfied customers.


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Sebastian Domröse

Team Manager Market Support