ODX using K-DCP Database Designer (English)

Workshop K-DCP Database Designer and ODX

This Bertrandt K-DCP Database Designer training gives an introduction to diagnostic standards including ODX as well as an introduction to the K-DCP Database Designer (DBD) to create diagnostic databases.

Internal ID: KDCP-2EN

Training Category: Automotive data development and tool

Training Type: Specific diagnostic tool training

Target Audience:

  • Diagnostic data developers
  • Development engineers

Please consider prerequisites and required previous knowledge!

Training Contents:

  • Basics Onboard Communication, Diagnostic Communication and Bus Systems
  • Overview Diagnostic Test Systems and ASAM MCD
  • Diagnostic Protocols, UDS and ISO Transport Protocol
  • Introduction to ODX 2.2 and 2.0.1, ODX Concepts
  • ODX Data Model and ODX Categories (Basics)
  • Inheritance, References, Conversion and DOPs
  • Authoring Guidelines and Checker Rules
  • Introduction to K-DCP Database Designer / NG
  • ODX Categories (Specifics)
  • ODX Data Development Concepts
  • Practical exercises using K-DCP Database Designer / NG
  • Optional 3rd day (VW*): Use of ODX in VW
  • Optional 3rd day (VW*): Introduction to VW ODX Authoring Guidelines
  • Optional 3rd day (VW*): Practical Exercises in VW style

Duration: 2 days (optional 3rd day with VW-specific Contents*)

* VW-specific 3rd day requires permission by VW

Training Method: Contemporary classroom training in a small Group of five to max. eight participants.

Practical Part:

  • Practical exercises using K-DCP Database Designer / NG

Required Previous Knowledge: None

Hard- and Software Requirements: None

Your Value: 

  • You learn about current standards and context of diagnostic data development
  • You practice using K-DCP DBD / NG to develop diagnostic databeses
  • Optional day3 (VW*): You learn about the specific use of ODX in VW

Certificate: Each participant receives a participation certificate.

Training fee: 2 days 1100 Euro (3 days 1600 Euro) per participant plus VAT (applicable taxes and fees)

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin

Elisabeth Medele

Bertrandt Academy