New options for vehicle interior design

In the light of recent moves towards highly automated driving, the automotive industry is increasingly focusing on the vehicle interior of the future. The development of highly or fully automated cars will lead to changes in interior design. The interior will become our “third living space” alongside our homes and workplaces, with an emphasis on functionality and vehicle safety.

Digital assembly of complete vehicles using 3D models

With a view to the future, a major transformation in the phases of modern automotive engineering is about to take place. Simulation will become an even more important aspect and will be a driving force in all phases of the development process. This will also increase the importance of virtual validation.

Car brakes automatically at the stop line

At the Continental Arena in Regensburg, Bertrandt in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IIS demonstrated that their technology enables autonomous cars to recognise a stop line, to apply the brakes before reaching the line and to stop automatically. You can find out more in an interview with our developers and the broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk.

Bertrandt invests in milling machine for aluminium components

From initial design to close-to-production prototypes – the Technikum in Ehningen has put a new component milling machine into operation in its Design Modelling facility. This investment supplements the previous machine pool in the solid materials sector and is used to produce aluminium components.

Bertrandt at the IAA

"Future now" – from 14 to 24 September you could visit us at the 67th IAA Cars. There we presented the very latest developments relating to topics such as virtual reality, augmented reality and connected driving.

IT services at Bertrandt

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PL/SQL, APEX… curious? Then why not apply to join our team! We at the IT Services team are looking for Oracle APEX developers. Together with our team of software developers, we work on exciting and diversified projects. Come in and take a look.

Bertrandt – the best solution for every customer

Bertrandt is one of the leading providers of engineering services relating to mobility. For us the trends towards greater comfort and safety and more environmentally friendly transport are the driving forces behind the development of innovative, future-proof solutions for our customers.


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