Porsche 911 Carrera

It is unmistakably a 911, despite the striking changes under the bodywork which combine tradition with innovation. With its distinctive design, this classic car remains true to its roots, but at 48 years old it looks younger than ever.

Classic, but innovative

Bertrandt supports the development of this classic sports car

Almost every component of the 911 is new or has undergone an innovative redesign process using the latest technology. The visible changes to this iconic sports car, such as the flat, stretched silhouette, give the new model range its unique image. The 911 is certainly impressive in terms of speed, power and low fuel consumption, but its most important features are the innovations that are concealed behind the elegant and sporty design. Bertrandt was involved throughout the development of the new model and provided its comprehensive expertise across almost its entire range of services. The Bertrandt engineers worked closely with Porsche and just one of many tasks that they were responsible for involved supporting the development of complex components. Bertrandt was awarded these comprehensive projects on the basis of its long-term cooperation with Porsche and its successful support for the previous 911 model, which covered almost the entire product development process and enabled Bertrandt to provide Porsche with a broad portfolio of services. The Bertrandt team involved in the development and design of the new Porsche model range came from across all the company’s departments, including electronics, vehicle body development, body-in-white, exterior, interior, modelling, powertrain, chassis, testing and engineering services. Bertrandt was able to meet the challenges it was presented with, which ranged from creating data control models and running crash simulations through to producing video and photo vehicles, and gave Porsche comprehensive development support for the latest version of its classic sports car.


Body development Body-in-white

  • Wings
  • Side panels
  • Roof
  • Rear end Soft-top compartment cover
  • Front and rear closures
  • Cross members


Body components

  • Fuel system
  • Data transfer, package investigations, technical and styling checks of the rear floor pan


Body interior

  • Door panelling
  • Tailgate panel and rear end of the car Chassis
  • Axles
  • Brake ventilation system
  • Engine mounts
  • Hydraulic energy supply
  • Suspension and damping development
  • Active and passive roll stabilization Systems



  • Simulating all front and rear crash load cases for body development



  • Validating control units and components on HiL test benches
  • Infotainment
  • Networked functions
  • CAN mobile support
  • Cabling, vehicle electrical system development
  • Circuit diagram development
  • Prototype management
  • Developing a tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Start-up diagnostics
  • Diagnostics for the specification/qualification/ flash qualification of control units



  • Data control models of the exterior/interior
  • Video and photo vehicles
  • Lights for data control models
  • Prototype components (SLS parts/injection moulded parts)



  • Climatic testing and photogrammetric measurements of rear spoiler modules
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Steering system
  • Coordination and technical support for endurance testing
  • Test vehicle management, organizing vehicle conversions, coordinating the workshop


Engineering services

  • Complete vehicle package
  • Prototype logistics
  • Managing the use of prototypes and preparatory work
  • Parts list and approval management
  • Technical illustrations
  • Colour documentation
  • Project procurement