Lightning system development for the Opel Adam

Bertrandt Rüsselsheim provides lights and visibility for the small lifestyle car

The attractive ADAM is the newest model in Opel's product range and the historic brand's latest offering in the growing small car segment. The main priority was tailoring this sporty car to meet the demands of a young and individualistic target group. Bertrandt was involved in creating its fresh, new image.


Bertrandt takes responsibility for light development

The ADAM, Opel's new sporty city car, has a no-holds-barred design aimed at customers who are young or young at heart. A central element of its new image is the lighting. The light and visibility specialists at Bertrandt's Rüsselsheim site took on responsibility for developing and integrating all the vehicle's exterior lights. Together with Opel and its suppliers Varroc and Hella, they put the ambitious ideas of the Opel designers into practice.


One car - a million possibilities

The focus during the development of the ADAM was on giving customers extensive freedom to design and personalise their own car. This concept extends to the lighting, with halogen and premium LED versions of the headlamps and rear lights available. Both lights convey the current Opel image, with a striking design that includes the boomerang-shaped "wings" of the daytime running lights and the rear lights. The LED variants in particular have an extremely homogeneous, high-quality appearance. The design reflects the strong, youthful styling of the body and highlights it with chrome elements and the external wings mentioned above.

Experiencing quality at first hand

The quality of the design was a further focal point of Bertrandt's development activities. In addition to the standard process of reducing the gaps between components, particular attention was paid to concealing bonded joints between the individual body panels, for example. The two-tone variant of the ADAM presented the development team with the task of hiding the transition from the roof colour to the body colour all around the vehicle. In the area of the rear lights, an elegant solution was found in the form of a large gutter cover. One challenge faced by the development team was to manage the tolerances effectively. The gutter cover was made up of two components with a flexible rubber lip which accommodates tolerances, conceals the gutter when the boot is open and gives the gap between the boot lid and the side panel a harmonious, uncluttered appearance. 


All the services under one roof: from the concept trough to start of production

During the development of this ambitious car concept, Bertrandt was given significant responsibility. Over the course of the three-year development process, project and design engineers worked on creating intelligent solutions. The lighting project was completed in its entirety on Bertrandt's premises, but was also fully integrated into Opel's processes. The Bertrandt team followed all the stages of the classic development process for the Opel ADAM, which included creating the requirements specification, producing the initial package concepts, evaluating the styling guidelines using its own simulations, developing virtual prototypes by means of physically correct rendering, managing and monitoring suppliers and providing support for production start-up. The development of the Opel ADAM enabled Bertrandt to demonstrate its ability to provide technology services in an innovative environment as part of a complex project. We would like to thank Opel for their partnership with us and look forward to becoming involved in future projects.