Bertrandt US supports the testing of the personalised radio app
With the new automotive version of the Pandora® app, MINI drivers in the US can now enjoy having their personal DJ with them in their car, without the need for a distracting tangle of cables. A member of the Bertrandt team in the US provided support for BMW North America during the process of testing the smart phone app.

Safe and easy to use

The web-based smart phone app can now broadcast personalised “radio stations” via the existing infotainment system in vehicles equipped with MINI Connected. The app can be operated centrally using the vehicle’s joystick and high-resolution display, so there is no need to touch the phone once the app is running. This allows new radio stations to be “created” at the press of a button, without drivers needing to take their eyes off the road.

MINI Connected technology
A fundamental requirement for the implementation of the smart phone app is MINI Connected technology, which enables apps to be developed for the Apple iPhone that can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s infotainment system. The major benefits of this are the further development options that it makes available. Until now, it has been difficult to install additional software functions in the infotainment system after the car has been delivered to the customer. The new technology allows the content and functions of any MINI Connected Approved iPhone app to be displayed and used on the infotainment system.

Prospects for the future
Tim Westergren, creator of the Pandora ® personalised radio, is predicting a bright future for his music software. In 2010, Pandora acquired 35 million additional listeners as a result of the iPhone app, which is now the second most popular download. Incorporating the software into the MINI’s existing menu structure makes the app safer and easier to use.

Bertrandt US at the cutting edge

Bertrandt US was responsible for coordinating the testing of the software with MINI plants, function managers and test sites throughout the world. The collaboration between all these organisations helped to ensure the high quality of the app. From January 2011 onwards, MINI customers in the US who have MINI Connected can listen free of charge to personalised radio stations designed to suit their individual taste.