Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Efficient. Elegant. Emotional

Mercedes-Benz has updated its core model, the E-Class. The result: elegant design combined with efficient and modern technology. The latest E-Class is a true representative of the car maker's new design idiom, with its flowing shape and sweeping lines. Bertrandt already supported Mercedes-Benz in the E-Class facelift in the early phase of seriesproduction development.

Bertrandt Ehningen supports model facelift

The E-Class

The complete front end of the E-Class has been reworked in keeping with the updated Mercedes-Benz design language. Newly designed headlights and re-sculptured bumpers make the car look smoother, while the rear end is given a more harmonious design. Further improvements have been achieved by an even more high-quality interior, new fuel-efficient engines and intelligent assistance systems.


Support for the facelift

For the facelift of the new E-Class, Mercedes- Benz commissioned a large team of engineers at Bertrandt's Ehningen location to provide support for the complete vehicle design of the new car. The Bertrandt engineers were fully integrated into the product development process, enabling them to create a digital package model immediately after the initial design modification drafts were provided by Mercedes-Benz. The engineers were responsible for three zones: the front end, the middle and the rear end of the E-Class, including the exterior and interior areas.

Digital complete vehicle design

The digital mock-up (DMU) provided an essential database for the design of the components being redeveloped. In close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, the Bertrandt engineers had the task of bringing together the new components of the E-Class in a digital form while constantly checking the space requirements and assemblability of the components. In meticulous precision work, the individual components were digitally positioned at their true distances from other components, the installation space was determined and the fitting accuracy of the packages into the complete vehicle was verified, both digitally and on the real vehicle itself. One of the challenges for the team in this facelift was the wide range of model variants involved. For the new E-Class, two further "faces" were developed in addition to the CLASSIC version: the AVANTGARDE line with a sports car grille and a large central star and the ELEGANCE line with a three-dimensional, three-louvre saloon car grille and a star on the bonnet. Both versions required corresponding redevelopment of the bumpers, headlights and interior equipment. 


With huge commitment and enthusiasm for the new design of the E-Class, the Bertrandt project team played a key role in the successful facelift. We are proud to have contributed to the highly attractive appearance of the new E-Class and would like to thank Mercedes- Benz for their trust and cooperation