Ford Kuga

The new generation

Development support for the infotainment system for the Ford Kuga
The start of volume production of the Ford Kuga also heralds the launch of a new generation of entertainment and infotainment systems. The advanced “Sound & Connect” package allows a portable MP3 player to be connected to the car’s audio system via a 3.5 mm stereo jack and USB port. Several Bertrandt engineers provided support for the development and integration of the new system working in close cooperation with the relevant departments at Ford.

Controlled via the audio system

The new voice control system in the Ford Kuga allows drivers to concentrate fully on the road. They use simple spoken commands to operate the audio system, the air conditioning and the mobile phone, via wireless Bluetooth® connection, without having to take their hands off the wheel.

A new USB port provides additional features. It can be used to connect a portable MP3 player to the audio system via a 3.5 mm stereo jack (AUX socket). This allows USB storage media and Apple iPods® to be operated with the audio system controls.

Finding your way around
The innovative Ford system, for which Bertrandt provided development support, allows car owners to display the complete file structure on the display and control unit of the radio or navigation system. Using the voice recognition system, it is possible to access special playlists or folders. The system has the same familiar categories (playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres and shuffle) as the iPod. The emphasis during the development process was on ensuring that car owners have a familiar user interface in their vehicles.

Voice control for mobile phones
A Bluetooth® interface enables mobile phones to be operated via the audio system or the multifunction steering wheel. The phone itself can be left in the driver’s jacket pocket or handbag. Depending on the phone model, it is also possible to display a list of missed and received calls and dialled numbers.

High-quality sound reproduction and the latest navigation systems
The different entertainment and information systems also provide very high-quality sound. Even the entry level model has an output of 4 x 20 watts.

Two modern navigation systems will keep drivers on the right track. The top-of-the-range NX model, with DVD support, is operated using a 7-inch colour LCD touch screen, which also controls the audio and air conditioning systems. Customers also have the option of the lower-cost Blaupunkt TravelPilot FX model, which comes with a 5-inch colour display. Both navigation systems are MP3 compatible and can be combined with a 6-CD changer.

Bertrandt’s expertise
Bertrandt’s engineers worked on site on the development and integration of the new generation of Ford infotainment systems in close collaboration with the Ford development departments. Bertrandt’s development support services covered all the phases of the project, including requirements management, functional integration, system integration, verification and validation right through to the final launch. Bertrandt was also involved in project coordination, systems supplier management and coordination with vehicle manufacturing and customer services.

User-friendly and clearly arranged: Browser showing iPod- and telephone-screen.