Ford Focus C-Max

From Styling through to Series

At the start of the development process for the Ford Focus C-MAX, Bertrandt, as an engineering partner of the Ford Motor Company and its suppliers, had the opportunity to provide the high-quality services across a variety of disciplines. These had already characterised its involvement in the Mondeo and Fiesta projects, from styling right through to production release, production start and production monitoring.

Design and exterior development

During the designing phase, a number of different 1:1 scale interior models (socalled halfbucks) were produced on the basis of Ford’s design specifications. These models were of very high quality and provided input for management in the next stage of the development process, which involved making decisions about the final production design.

All the visible surfaces of the exterior and interior of the Focus C-MAX were developed by a team consisting of up to twelve Bertrandt engineers from Cologne and Dunton, who worked closely together with the relevant departments within Ford. The CAD system ICEM-Surf was used during the process. In addition, was Bertrandt involved in the contract to supply the exterior surfaces of the bumpers, grilles and door sill trims for the sports package.

The effective cooperation between the teams involved in the project had benefits beyond the development of the Ford Focus C-MAX. As a result of the high quality of the surfaces developed for Ford in Cologne, Bertrandt was asked to participate in other projects related to the vehicle exterior.

Bodywork development
The contribution made by the Bertrandt engineers to the development of the bodywork included the bodywork structure in the front area of the car, doors and tailgate, door handles and lock systems as well as interior trim. Bertrandt worked directly with Ford on the bodywork structure, doors and tailgate. The clients for interior trim, chassis and lighting were other Ford suppliers.

The tasks carried out by the Bertrandt engineers ranged from project management and component development right through to support for production start-up as well as the monitoring of the production process at the Saarlouis plant.

Cockpit development: industrialisation management

The cockpit development process demonstrates the versatility of Bertrandt’s services. In order to meet the client’s requirements as effectively as possible, a team of specialists from Bertrandt UK and Bertrandt Cologne was formed. As the client had moved into offices on the Bertrandt site, effi- cient communication between all those involved in the project was guaranteed.


Industrialisation management was a particular challenge. Because of the high levels of complexity, the Bertrandt engineers developed and implemented an innovative and effective component numbering and ordering strategy. The aim was to find a method of simplifying component numbering that took into account all the aspects of the development process chain, such as updating the Ford Program Description Book and the Global Engineering Release System and Verification of Bill of Materials. The system had to run in parallel with the existing component database in the Saarlouis supplier park, so that both the Ford Focus and the Ford Focus C-MAX can be produced on the same production line. In addition, Bertrandt provided claim management support for another supplier.

The Bertrandt engineers were able to contribute the necessary expertise for developing and integrating the electrical and electronic systems and components. In addition, did they run a CAN training session designed specially for the customer.
The variety of demands made on the Bertrandt Engineering Network during the course of this project, which Bertrandt met successfully for the customer, demonstrates the development service provider’s wide-ranging and substantial expertise. Bertrandt is looking forward to continue the application of its expertise for the benefit of its customers in future.