The Ford global commercial programme

Interior Development

Cross-Site Project management skills offer added Value

The high-quality network that links the individual Bertrandt sites is an essential feature of the company’s projects. Our customers are increasingly expecting greater flexibility in the implementation of projects, which results in project work being carried out at different Bertrandt facilities. Because of the creative solutions they offered, the competitive prices, their geographical proximity to the customer and the expertise of the Bertrandt Group, the sites in Cologne and Turkey were awarded a contract by Ford Otosan to develop a variety of interior components for the cabs in Ford’s global commercial vehicle programme.      

Development partner      

Cooperation across national borders was the key feature of an attractive interior project for our customer Ford Otosan. In line with the "one for all” management strategy, the Bertrandt sites in England and Turkey, together with the Cologne site which played the leading role, cooperated on developing new solutions. The balance between the technical and project experience of the teams in Cologne and Dunton and the process expertise of the specialists in Turkey has resulted in a number of positive synergies during the course of the project, which is still underway. The internal Bertrandt project management organisation guaranteed the use of standardised processes and, at the same time, provided support for all the organisational issues on the project. In addition, our internal knowledge database allowed the project team to access the lessons learned from other projects at any time, but also to add their own experiences on a daily basis.  

Developing the interior of the Ford Cargo

The development of the interior features that Bertrandt was responsible for consisted mainly of the CAD design of new, attractive and functional interior trim components and rest areas for the driver across a range of different vehicles. The Bertrandt project engineers also took charge of managing the interfaces with all the relevant development departments to ensure that the components were suitable for manufacture and met the cost and scheduling requirements.          

Project management

The tasks of the project management team included managing all Bertrandt’s project activities and weekly reporting on the progress of the project to the customer. In addition, adhering to the customer’s development plan, together with its scheduling and quality requirements, was mandatory. Well-organised, confidence-giving weekly management meetings were held to track project progress.


In this project, Bertrandt has once again had the opportunity to offer a customer its entire range of services across different sites. The promising progress made so far on the Ford global commercial vehicle programme project strengthens our resolve to develop our network further.

In brief


  • CAD development of side trim components and storage facilities in the cab
  • Interface management by project engineers for the development components

Project management:

  • Project guidance and controlling
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Adhering to the project schedule and quality requirements in accordance with the customer’s development plan

Bertrandt sites:

  • Cologne and Turkey