Audi A5 Coupé

Sportiness and Elegance United

Bertrandt develops cockpit of the new Audi A5 Coupé
With the slogan “A new driving experience” Audi promotes its newest masterpiece, the Audi A5. With proven Audi technology the unusual coupe provides the utmost driving pleasure and comfort for the driver. Furthermore, it presents interior, which is formed innovatively and attractively as well as ergonomically. Exactly here, a little Bertrandt is also included. The engineering service provider was a well-chosen Audi partner in the functional cockpit development.

The assignment: comprehensive functional development
With its new coupé the Audi AG nowadays creates a sensation and once more positions itself as forerunner in the disciplines of design and quality. Developing partner Bertrandt could support these goals: The premium manufacturer asked the engineering service provider to develop concepts and prototypes for the cockpit with the instrument panel, rests and middle console as well as the door panelling and side panelling modules. This module development on the basis of product development processes defined by Audi consisted of calculation functions and test scopes in addition to the actual design. For the first time the integration of the electronic components in the cockpit and the door panelling was also assigned to Bertrandt, which perfected the assignment for Bertrandt Ingolstadt into comprehensive functional development.

The project house: interdisciplinary collaboration - managed communication
In order to ensure the success of the project sustainably, the resource management and the synchronisation processes linked therewith, were an important and central task. Here the project house idea of Bertrandt starts, which has been characterising the interdisciplinary project processing for many years. Efficient project work as well as shortened and systematically managed communication channels stands in the foreground by means of spatial proximity of all partners. This ties the local collaboration of Bertrandt employees together as well as with the Audi teams or business partners. Within the concrete project Audi A5 cockpit, for example, the responsible project manager sat directly next to the glove box developer and the engineer for electrical system integration for the module cross beam.


In addition, separate discussion rooms, so-called SE terminals (Simultaneous Engineering) which are equipped with the most modern CAx and visualisation technology in the project house. Such facilities enabled a bigger group of interlocutors to come to an agreement in technical questions without impairing the actual development operations. In addition, a customer office was set up in direct proximity for the Audi employees of the involved departments.

Benchmark platform

A specific feature in the cockpit project is the benchmark platform in the midst of the project site. All Audi cockpits and essential cockpits from the current market were built up there to serve the designers and developers as view objects. The goal thereof was to find suggestions for technical solutions and to speed up development as an evolution for the purposes of a continuous improvement process.

Best of team

Through the long-standing collaboration between the persons responsible of the different competence centres at Audi and the experienced project Bertrandt team a “Best-of-team” was put together for the customer in the project house. In the course of the project processing some system suppliers could be won in addition, as partners with the help of the AUDI AG. Employees of these enterprises were integrated into the project house before the system supplier assignment. Furthermore, the partners performed valuable development contributions concerning feasibility and manufacturing in close cooperation with Audi. Only the early dialog with production ensured the reaching of the development goals in a very tight time schedule.

Project management

The integrated project management was put to a special test on account of the many interfaces of a cockpit. In addition to five co-project managers and the project manager two other project managers assumed responsibility for the door panelling area in the cockpit. In the main development phases more than 45 engineers helped simultaneously in the project.

Project house development cockpit: efficient development through inter-operational communication.

The Project: Integrated Development Cockpit

The interior of the Audi A5 Coupe unites comfortable sportiness with a high degree of innovation.
Isometric representation of the cockpit and middle console CAD model.

Concerning the contents, the advancement of a one-piece instrument panel in two colours with a high-quality slush surface done by Audi stood firstly in line. For vehicle security the connection of the front seat passenger's air bag played an important role in the development. With former model ranges the air bag was fastened in the cockpit with the help of an airbag channel and various holders made from metal. With the new A5 range the engineers integrated the air bag channel into an overall plastic solution in the instrument panel. In addition to the constructive interpretation this was simulated within the scope of the functional development of the calculation and was secured in a separate detailed prototype by means of testing and validation.

Apart from the classical coordination processes in the course of simultaneous engineering an implant construction with which the essential geometry could be realised off-tool was also provided for in the existing environment. The connection geometry made thereof, were introduced in the existing environment and checked by means of various air bag shot testing. As a carrier agent polypropylene long fibreglass was used. In this context substantial cost and weight advantages could be implemented.

Middle console
In the development scope for the middle console a fore and aft position adjustable arm rest was included for the first time. As one of the most important interfaces to the middle console the floor covering had been realised in the A5 model range unanimously. Indeed, this changes the medium console package, however, improves the assembly and insulation considerably.

Glove box
Through the development of several glove box variations, the production costs stood especially in focus. On the one hand, as a further evolution step coordination between tool concepts and connecting technologies and on the other hand through the variations desired by Audi, numerous synergies were found and were used. Thus, for example, tool investments could be reduced substantially.

Door and side panelling
The door and side panelling is conceptually from Bertrandt as well as single prototypes, which had been developed and designed. A supplier optimised the standard development of the panelling. Concerning integration and interface management Bertrandt was furthermore involved in the standard development stage.

Electrical system integration
With the electrical system integration of control devices, operating elements and the infotainment in the cockpit, middle console, trays as well as door panelling and side panelling the project was rounded off. It was a matter of integrating the different electrical system components of most different suppliers - taking into account for example constructed space or ergonomics - into the interior. On this occasion, the SE operational stability of employees of the AUDI AG, the system suppliers and Bertrandt played a succinct role and led the partners to the sedate goal.

At the end of every project the result counts. The quality and the claim, which consumers can currently see at Audi traders, answer all questions: The new A5 coupe lets hearts beat faster. In addition, the whole process of development could be optimised in the same breath and be shortened, above all. A new measure of the coordination between function and design was set up. The functional development and the vehicle security topics could still be purposefully implemented through the managed teamwork of all partners. A good inter-company and faculty-centralised team has developed from this successful development.