Airbus A380 - The Sky is the Limit

Designing and Realising True-to-the-Original Airbus A380 Display Models
Two one-of-a-kind Airbus A380 interior display models were designed and manufactured by the engineering service provider Bertrandt on behalf of Lühmann Ingenieur AG in Buxtehude: A "Cabin System Test Center" (CSC) for cabin system tests, lighting scenarios, demonstration, presentation purposes and workshops as well as a transportable interior model (EXPO mock-up) for exhibitions. The project planning started in the Swabian city, Ehningen. In September 2004, three Bertrandt teams started the challenging project work here under the management of Christian Riedel from Airbus Buxtehude and Bertrandt Lead Engineer, Dirk Liebegall.

Project requirements
Beforehand, the Airbus engineering partner Bertrandt had to produce a replica of the cabin interior as true-tothe- original as possible, for Airbus’ new flagship, the A380. A special challenge in this project was the integration of the built-in interior components within the cylindrical and conical areas by means of a flexible supporting frame structure in the shortened frame structure approximated to the original fuselage.

The Cabin System Test Center
The Cabin System Test Center was built by the Lühmann Ingenieur AG (Airbus Buxtehude) in Buxtehude, Germany. It had to be the spitting image of the Airbus A380 cabin, which has an original length of approximately 50 meters. The aim was to represent as much possible options in as much possible reproductions of the cabin environment in the reduced overall system. “All of this on a stately 22 meters”, highlights the Lead Engineer, Dirk Liebegall. Lühmann provided the steelwork-girder construction (frames). The Bertrandt engineers developed the design data for the CSC from the design data of the Airbus’ surfaces. At the same time a concept for the restraint system was provided, in order to be able to install the many individual parts in different variants. Thus most different lighting scenarios are to be tested in the cabin interior replica for example, like the simulation of daylight, the dawn phases and total darkness. The airline passengers can be relieved as such and jetlag can be counteracted. The development of the sealing system also turned out to be challenging. No ray of light of the fully functional lighting may penetrate between the interior panel trims. Not an easy task, if one regards the many different construction variants.