Dimensional Management

Reliable data for continuous support for the development process  

On the basis of a continuous and regularly optimised dimensional management concept, we support your development processes from the initial idea to series-production readiness. This enables you to constantly evaluate the quality of your designs and variants and therefore to choose the optimum solution even at an early development stage. As a result, you save valuable development time and money. The validation of technical feasibility is also based on a well-founded database on which you can always take the right decisions.    



  • Determination/derivation of quality features Definition and design of the functional area
  • Definition and design of the mounting concepts Complete and unambiguous component tolerancing
  • Confirmation of feasibility
  • Comprehensive approach as a driver in production development
  • Validation of functional specifications using arithmetical and statistical tolerance chain calculation
  • Simulation of the entire assembly using state-of-the-art tolerance simulation tools (3DCS, Teamcenter Visualization, CeTol)
  • Optimisation of producibility
  • Visualisation of limit positions
  • Consideration of component stiffness and loading

Objectives and your benefits

  • Finding and eliminating cost drivers
  • Reducing reworking and reject parts
  • Achieving greater control over the production process
  • Identification of the best variant before the first prototype
  • Eliminating safety tolerances and finding technical reserves Functional validation in consideration of tolerances Validation of the design (joins/offsets)
  • Interface optimisation between production and development  



  • Implementation of tolerance concepts in practice (production, assembly, quality assurance)
  • Implementation of tolerance management processes at your company
  • Training of designers to become tolerance managers  



  • Basic training in dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Advanced training in tolerance chains
  • Modular training concept for individual training programmes, maximum flexibility and high level of customer focus