Testing: More quality, safety and comfort

Sustainability calls for the development of new realities and solutions. In order to ensure an optimum and ground-breaking result for our customers, Bertrandt examines and tests ideas and solutions in a manner that is close to reality and uncompromising – and extremely inventive when it comes to the development of new and extremely rigorous testing procedures and systems. This is the speciality of the experts at the Testing Competence Centre at Bertrandt.


Bertrandt creates innovations

Exhaustive testing is the standard at Bertrandt. Experience is concentrated, synergies are used in a targeted way, and new standards are set. With the clear objective and promise to support customers with know-how and ground-breaking testing systems – from the initial concept right through to the testing of complete vehicles. At the Testing Competence Centre, one factor is decisive: the better and the earlier the product can be accurately and reproducibly tested, the shorter the development time becomes, thus minimising costs and optimising cost-effectiveness.

This is the standard by which all testing systems developed at Bertrandt’s Testing Competence Centre are measured.


Spectrum of services: Comprehensive cutting-edge expertise

No matter whether it is a question of functional testing and endurance tests, stiffness and structural testing, vehicle modification and integration, tank systems and shed measurements or environmental simulation – Bertrandt is a highly sought-after partner in all disciplines.

Interior/Exterior Testing

Interior and exterior components are particularly important in vehicle development due to the many requirements regarding design, haptics, safety, etc. There is a particular focus on...


Interior/Exterior Testing - experience more

Engine, Chassis, Tank System

The ambitious climate targets and the mega-trends derived from these, such as lightweight design, CO2 reduction and downsizing, are reflected in...


Engine, Chassis, Tank System - experience more

Vehicle Safety

Active and passive safety are among the most important development objectives in the automotive industry. In the fields of structural design, occupant safety and partner protection, our testing facilities equipped with...


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From rolling noise, engine noise and wind noise to the individual perception, consumers have high Quality Standards when it...


Acoustics/Noise - experience more

EE Testing/Electric Mobility

Electrical and electronic (EE) reliability testing is focused on the physical testing of EE vehicle components in passive and active operation under...


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Aerospace Component Testing

Increasing safety requirements in the aircraft engineering industry demand special know-how as well as certified and listed testing laboratories for...


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Vehicle Construction and Modification

A range of different concept, prototype and pre-production vehicles are needed to test the properties of complete cars during...


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Testing commercial vehicles

We provide our customers with full support, including test planning, implementation and...


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