CAE simulation: virtual design and validation of functions
In order to be able to meet our customers’ demands for shorter development periods and to achieve the project objectives, the development process at Bertrandt takes the form of simultaneous engineering. The systematic application of virtual CAE methods allows our simulation specialists to set the direction even in the early development stages for achieving the functional objectives, such as crash performance, occupant protection, stiffness and comfort quality. 


Focus on reliably achieving the specified objectives

At the Simulation Competence Centre, the focus is on virtually driven development with the reliable achievement of functional objectives. Simulation is a key component of the development process today and has a decisive influence on the successful implementation of innovative ideas. Bertrandt’s comprehensive range of services adds commitment and experience. As a result, we ensure that simulation enhances efficiency in customer projects – no matter how specialised the job may be.

Body-in-White Crashworthiness

Body-in-white crashworthiness

The crashworthiness of a vehicle’s body structure plays a vital role in fulfilling the requirements of legislators, consumer tests and insurance companies...


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Occupant Safety

Optimum protection in the vehicle

Various components in the vehicle interior contribute to the safety of the occupants...


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Occupant Safety/Interior Modules

Interior modules for occupant protection

Interior modules have to meet various functional demands...


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Crash Management System/Pedestrian Safety

Crash management system and pedestrian safety

Front-end and rear-end structures not only have to meet legislative requirements, they also need to be repair-friendly after a crash...


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Structural Add-on Parts

Structural add-on parts

Structural add-on parts have to fulfil various functional requirements...


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Stiffness/Noise, Vibration, Harshness

Stiffness and noise, vibration, harshness (NVH)

Today’s vehicles are expected to meet increasingly high comfort requirements...


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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics

Fluid dynamics influences the correct functioning and energy consumption of powertrain components, cooling components and other vehicle modules involved...


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