Efficient mobility with a fun factor

Motorcycles play a key role in an environmentally friendly, mobile future. We have been active for many years now in developing motorcycles for our customers. As a result, the range of services offered by Bertrandt goes far beyond design and engineering. From the initial concept and responsibility for projects and complete processes right through to quality management and services after start of production, we cover the entire product development process and product life cycle.

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We turn motorcycle concepts into reality

Body and Complete Vehicle

  • Virtual package, concept and series development
  • Integration of components
  • Design development of the tank, seat, panelling and other add-on parts
  • Supplier integration and support
  • Quality and risk management
  • Construction phase and launch support, trim coordination
  • Data handling


  • Component development and supplier integration (e.g. light systems/infotainment, etc.)
  • Development of display and control concepts
  • Series support, further development of released ECUs
  • Testing and validation of ECUs and electrical components
  • Software tool chain development/development construction and operation of subsystems and component test stands
  • Construction and conversion of prototypes and series-production vehicles


  • Design development of wheel/tyre and brake systems, including spring and shock absorber components
  • Execution of and support for brake and chassis tests
  • Concept and series development of all chassis components (e.g. handlebars, triple clamps, frames, footrests and stand systems, swing arms)
  • Manufacturing of prototype frame and chassis components


  • Design and development of transmission components
  • Hot engine peripherals: design and series development of exhaust systems (manifolds, catalytic converters, middle and rear silencers), supplier integration
  • Design and series development of special accessory components

Motorcycle Workshops

  • Construction of driveable prototypes, including component manufacturing
  • Small series (components and vehicles)
  • Complete assembly (body, powertrain, chassis, complete vehicle)
  • Chassis set-up and tuning, roadworthiness release
  • Test stand support (engine and subassembly test stands)
  • Dynamometer test stand testing
  • Construction of test vehicles, test support

Dimensional Management

Reliable data for continuous support for the development process

On the basis of a continuous and regularly optimised dimensional management concept, we support your development processes from the initial idea to series-production readiness...


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Customer Benefits

The structures of the central motorcycle development department offer customers a rapid response capacity as well as high flexibility, cost-effectiveness, quality and security. This is ensured by the following conditions:


  • Project areas in close proximity to customers
  • Direct integration into customer systems
  • Our own manufacturing of components in the Bertrandt network
  • Internal coordination management: "Organisation – Processes – Systems – Team Coordination“
  • Experienced and reliable employees due to Bertrandt's internal training and qualification processes
  • Experienced employees for resource management
  • Involvement of suppliers in the development of system modules (e.g. complete exhaust system)