Rapid Technologies

Development made tangible

We can produce visual or functional prototypes for our customers even at an early stage of the development process. In our new lighting studio, we create high-quality lighting systems that can also be functional if required.

Advantages of RIM technologies

  • High output from stable forms: 100 - 200 parts
  • Low costs for higher numbers of units
  • Consistent quality
  • Cycle time: only 20-40 min/part
  • Output per day: up to 20 parts

Advantages of Rapid Tooling

  • Production of near-series parts
  • Components for the assembly of the first prototype vehicles
  • Components for testing purposes, up to 200 units
  • Application whenever the strength of the original series-production material is required
  • Unconventional mould designs possible
  • Injection moulded parts from your desired material (ABS/PA/PP/glass fibre reinforced)
  • Cost and time savings compared to aluminium tools
  • SLA models
  • SLS models
  • Print models
  • PU prototypes from silicone and RIM forms
  • Moulded parts in all variations of Shore hardness and colours
  • Clear glass lights