Working together for the perfect result

When it comes to designing and developing the cockpit, functionality, manufacturing feasibility, ergonomics and safety place high demands on the developers at Bertrandt. In order to achieve the optimum result, our development teams from the fields of design and simulation are already closely coordinated at an early stage. As the available package space must always be optimally used, services such as Digital Mock-up, Physical Mock-up and Prototyping are vitally important. In close cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, Bertrandt therefore predictively plans the interaction between components during assembly as well as their repair-friendliness and functionality. Throughout this process, the fulfilment of active and passive safety standards is always the top priority.


Instrument panel/Centre console

  • Upper/lower instrument panel
  • Glove compartment
  • Centre console
  • Air vents
  • Air ducting


Component development/integration

  • Cockpit crossmember
  • Air conditioning housing
  • Steering column controls
  • Airbag integration
  • Electrics integration