Interior: Development in the service of comfort

The development of the interior plays a key role in the process of producing new cars and aircraft. Car manufacturers are increasingly using design elements and surface textures in the interior as differentiating features. In the aircraft industry, every individual plane has its own cabin design.


Interior design is characterised by ergonomics, comfort, safety and functionality. Complex components and modules, such as the dashboard or complete seat units, are therefore designed and developed by Bertrandt from start to finish. As developments in the interior are closely linked to those on the body, we network interfaces to other development fields, such as body development, simulation and testing, at an early stage and develop them as modules.


New challenges

The desire for navigation and enhanced safety as well as the need for individualisation are clearly apparent. The process known as “rooming” – the development of a cosy and spacious ambience, the coordination of shapes, colours and materials – presents constantly new challenges for developers. What is more, new vehicle concepts such as electric vehicles increase the demand for the use of lightweight design and lightweight materials – also for the interior.


From the initial idea to the optimum solution
The services offered by Bertrandt in interior development range from design, concept development, construction, simulation and rapid prototyping right through to testing and production launch. The wishes and needs of the driver and occupants, technical developments and social trends are complex – but manufacturers must take them into account. Bertrandt supports its customers by providing ideas, finding solutions and implementing results in all issues of the development of sustainable vehicle interiors.

Complete Seat

Finding ideas and developing functions

Bertrandt optimises design, comfort, ergonomics and functionality as well as active and passive safety. And in doing so, we also pursue completely new methods and approaches in the service of our customers...


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Working together for the perfect result

When it comes to designing and developing the cockpit, functionality, manufacturing feasibility, ergonomics and safety place high demands on the developers at Bertrandt...


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Focus on functionality

In trim development, the main focus is on door panels, headliners, covers and trim elements, carpets, acoustic damping and interior lights. Manufacturers’ requirements are, of course, taken into account at all times...


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Dimensional Management

Reliable data for continuous support for the development process

On the basis of a continuous and regularly optimised dimensional management concept, we support your development processes from the initial idea to series-production readiness...


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