Process Validation

Digital Car is a central interface for all work areas involved in a development. Each individual component of a module or a complete vehicle must first exist in a so-called digital master. It provides such data as the current development state, component weights and parts lists. This data pool is used for the virtual design of a vehicle, and this can also involve the simulation of manufacturing tolerances right through to crash tests. And all this can take place before a single part has been manufactured.

Engineering Services

  • Requirements management
  • Bertrandt Value Management
  • Development process optimisation
  • Committee management
  • Process consulting
  • Technical documentation
  • Technology consulting

Production Services

  • Digital factory planning
  • Manufacturing optimisation
  • Production standards
  • Production control software
  • Process engineering
  • Value stream analyses

Organisational Services

  • Assistance services
  • Controlling
  • Warranty processing
  • Type approval, legislation
  • IT services/databases
  • Strategy development
  • Distribution, sales and market research