Design Services

Design Services – transporting emotions

Design is the interlinking of form and function with emotion. It plays a key role in the development process of cars and aircraft, and is a decisive factor in the customer’s decision to buy a particular product. To ensure that the components interact perfectly, Bertrandt offers various types of Design Services – on paper, in a virtual environment or as a model. Our customers define the objectives, Bertrandt supports them in their active and creative implementation – and turns visions into reality. Always at the cutting edge of the very latest developments. After all, our engineers not only use conventional tools but also employ ground-breaking new technologies and work as research partners for universities.  


Services from a single source

Bertrandt’s specialists work primarily in the fields of design, marketing (online and offline), sales, development, design modelling, trade fairs and film. Projects are executed both on-site at the customer and in closed teams in-house. Our customers have access to a broad and deep range of services that is otherwise available only from specialist agencies and design service providers. Everything comes from a single source – from Bertrandt.

Design and Surfacing

Deep and broad range of services

In the fields of design and surfacing, Bertrandt offers its customers a comprehensive range of services – from the initial idea right through to final implementation of series production surfacing...


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Virtual Reality

All from a single source

In order to make your future design even more realistic and tangible, we hand the designs over to Bertrandt’s Virtual Reality specialists...


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Design Modelling

Modelling: making ideas tangible

Development time is money – especially in the automotive and aviation industry. The sooner solutions can be verified in design development and functional evaluation, the more effective the development process will be...


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