Light and Visibility

Lighting Design

The field of lighting technology is marked by increasing complexity and new technologies. The challenge lies in developing innovative concepts and creative solutions cost-effectively and in ever shorter development times and validating development results. Bertrandt offers its customers services that encompass all project phases – from the initial concept and the prototype right through to start of production.


We take in more than 80 % of our information through our eyes. Signal lights and headlights are therefore vehicle components that provide important information in road traffic. However, automotive lighting systems are not only safety elements but also styling objects. External lighting makes a major contribution to the appearance of a vehicle and provides it with an unmistakable shape. Under the heading "Light and Visibility", Bertrandt has been developing headlights, lamps and interior lighting systems in the service of its customers for more than ten years.

Software and simulation

Today, extensive and precise simulation software facilitates the development of complex, optical systems and the prediction of lighting results. At Bertrandt, we have been successfully using this simulation software in customer projects for many years. Furthermore, we also use new LED technology, which makes it possible to design lighting systems with a low power consumption in previously unknown shapes and structures.

Realistic optics already in the model

Model making plays a key role in the development of lighting technology. In lighting prototypes, not only the material and shape but also the geometry and surface of the optics must be precisely maintained. The fact that theory and practice can be perfectly combined is shown in the initial projects that Bertrandt has successfully carried out – from the concept right through to the fully functional lighting system.

Light and visibility development

  • Predevelopment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Technical surfacing
  • Lighting technology simulation
  • Construction
  • System integration
  • Project management