Thermal Management

Thermal management involves optimising energy flows of all thermal systems in the vehicle with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, ensuring engine cooling at every operating point and optimising interior comfort. To achieve these objectives, we optimise thermal management in the design and simulation process as well as in advance development and series production development. The thermal properties are validated in coolant and heating circuits and in the vehicle itself in order to validate the design at all operating points.

Component Development/ Package

  • Front end package
  • Component design
  • Dynamic DMU
  • Release management
  • Material testing
  • Manufacturing processes/assembly
  • Production/processes
  • Development of additional cooling modules


  • Engine cooling
  • Vehicle airflow
  • Airflow through the engine compartment
  • Coolant circuit
  • Interior air conditioning
  • Model-based simulation


  • Cold/hot water testing
  • Vehicle testing/calibration
  • Coolant circuit testing
  • Heating/cooling performance measurements


  • Determination of heat flows on the basis of specifications and requirements (e.g. Flowmaster, Dymola, Fluent, MATLAB)
  • Representation of complete thermal management in different configurations as co-simulation in the virtual drivetrain