Project Management

Cooperation between Bertrandt and car makers and system suppliers is becoming increasingly intermeshed. For that reason, the main success factors are special know-how, the optimum equipment and many years of experience in project and process management. At a very early stage, Bertrandt made sure that its own processes were optimised with the aim of efficiently facilitating their integration into the system and process landscape of our customers.

Project managers at Bertrandt are experts in both upstream and downstream process steps and are able to evaluate the entire process from an economic and business perspective. Project controlling is applied to support our customers in monitoring overall costs to ensure that defined budgets are not exceeded.

  • Change management
  • Package validation
  • Data management
  • Digital process validation (Digital Car)
  • Graphics and visualisation
  • Project management
  • Project planning and control
  • Resource scheduling
  • Assembly instructions
  • Production scheduling
  • Start of production (SOP)
  • Location selection
  • Owner manuals
  • Benchmark analyses
  • Event management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Marketing
  • Technical writing