Chassis development – safety, comfort and energy input

Many new developments in the automotive sector are shifting the focus increasingly towards the chassis. Its influence on dynamic handling plays a key role in the characteristics of a vehicle. The increasing use of electronic control and driver assistance systems requires a strong integration of electronics development into the development process. Not least, energy efficiency and the minimisation of power losses in the chassis have a significant influence on the CO2 reduction potentials in the vehicle. For this purpose, Bertrandt uses its comprehensive expertise to solve complex problems, demonstrating its proficiency as a "networked service provider".


Partner in the development process

When it comes to development a chassis, our customers can rely on us to provide support in many of steps required. From the development of mechanical and mechatronic components and assemblies through to the design and testing of vehicle dynamics, we are a reliable partner for our customers. In order to design a vehicle’s handling behaviour in very early development stages and then to further develop it efficiently, we use advanced technologies for complete vehicle simulation and visualisation as well as state-of-the-art design tools. The special expertise of our employees and precise knowledge of the customer's requirements ensure that we can develop technical solutions to complex problems.


Application of virtualisation

In addition to the use of the very latest hardware, including suspension and axle kinematics test stands for vehicles with an overall weight of up to 2200 kg, we also work with complete vehicle virtualisation. Together with specialised partners, we offer our customers the possibility to reduce the number of physical variants by carrying out measurements of vehicle dynamics in open-loop and closed-loop scenarios, thus reducing development costs.

Concept Development

Ideas become concepts

Concept development examines the technical background conditions for new chassis systems, modules or components...


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Component Development

The perfect component

Every single component is of importance for the overall function of a chassis system – from a wheel carrier to a brake pipe...


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Module Development

From the individual to the whole

In module development, the overall function is represented as a unit consisting of several components...


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Module Integration

More than interface management

The optimum integration of a chassis system into a new vehicle requires precise and detailed knowledge of all chassis functions as well as the interfaces to the vehicle...


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Optimised development periods

Technical calculation and simulation are vitally important in every development in order to allow design and project decisions to be made at an early stage...


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The challenge gets tougher

Mobility is undergoing rapid change. The requirements to be met by chassis functions with regard to comfort and energy input are increasing...


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Mechatronic Chassis Systems

Detailed knowledge of dynamics

Mechatronic chassis systems are becoming increasingly common in modern vehicles...


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Dimensional Management

Reliable data for continuous support for the development process

On the basis of a continuous and regularly optimised dimensional management concept, we support your development processes from the initial idea to series-production readiness...


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