Structure Development

Structure development

When it comes to primary structures such as wings, fins and fuselages, Bertrandt is a recognised partner with its teams of specialists in metal and composites technology. We successfully apply our many years of specialisation in lightweight construction using fibre composite materials in the development of structural components in aircraft engineering. Through a targeted expansion of our expertise in the design, simulation and production of fibre composite systems, Bertrandt generates added value along the entire product development chain. Today, our expertise is passed on in training courses on the entire product development process using lightweight engineering.


  • Development of primary and secondary structures: Fins, Wing shells, Fuselage sections, System carriers
  • Design and concept development
  • Creation of production-relevant data
  • Optimisation of fibre composite systems
  • Lightweight metal construction
  • Calculation and simulation (fibre composite and metal)
  • Interface management
  • Training in the fields of: Design of fibre composites, GRP-compliant construction, CAD