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Further growth achieved in fiscal 2015/2016



Engineering specialist Bertrandt presents its 2015/2016 annual report at today's press conference. In a tough business environment the Company reports an increase in its key financial indicators. Total revenues were up by 6.1 percent to EUR 992.7 million (previous year EUR 935.3 million). Operating profit was at EUR 92.9 million (previous year EUR 91.6 million). Total investment of EUR 83.4 million remains stable at a high level (previous year EUR 84.9 million) and provides the foundations for expanded performance to meet market and customer demands. As at the reporting date Bertrandt employed 12,912 engineers, technicians and commercial staff, 545 more people than in the previous year.

Technological diversity opens new horizons
"Development work is changing to meet the growing demands associated with the megatrends of environmentally-friendly mobility, automated driving and Industry 4.0. We are now working on increasingly complex projects in teams that are more and more interdisciplinary. In this context, interface management know-how and capital strength are important factors which enable us to work successfully as a strategic partner in support of our customers." This is how CEO Dietmar Bichler sums up the situation in which Bertrandt has operated during the reporting period. Against this backdrop the Bertrandt Group has succeeded in growing in all segments. Total revenues were up by 6.1 percent to EUR 992.7 million (previous year EUR 935.3 million). Operating profit increased by 1.3 percent to EUR 92.9 million (previous year EUR 91.6 million), equal to an EBIT margin of 9.4 percent (previous year 9.8 percent). Bertrandt's post-tax earnings also rose by 1.6 percent to EUR 63.6 million (previous year EUR 62.6 million). As a result, earnings per share developed positively from EUR 6.21 to EUR 6.30.

Capital spending lays foundations for successful business development
Total investment is stable at a high level. In fiscal 2015/2016, Bertrandt invested EUR 83.4 million on building and expanding its infrastructure (previous year EUR 84.9 million):

  • A new permanent establishment in Regensburg is working intensively on software and electronics development, focusing in particular on the automotive trends of e-mobility and driver assistance systems.
  • Engineers at the Company's new base in Fürth are working in close proximity to customers on the development of automation technology solutions. These include component and equipment design, simulation, electronics development, planning and programming of systems and modules as well as integrated connectivity.
  • One of the major investment projects of recent years picked out by Dietmar Bichler is the Technology Centre in Mönsheim, where Bertrandt is concentrating its development work on all aspects of future mobility on a space of 58,000 m².

"Our investments lay the groundwork for the expansion of current work and also enable us to launch out on new ventures in innovative fields such as virtual and mixed reality. We have the resources to tackle crossfunctional projects in an ever more complex development environment. This is the basis for our growth," concludes Bertrandt's CEO.

Dividend set to rise
Bertrandt intends to pursue its sustainable dividend policy in fiscal 2015/2016. At the annual general meeting on 23 February 2017, the Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose raising the dividend from EUR 2.45 to EUR 2.50 per share.

Headcount reaches new record
"Our performance is based on the expertise of an excellently trained workforce. In the course of the fiscal year we have successfully recruited 545 engineers, technicians and commercial staff for Bertrandt." Dietmar Bichler is delighted about the new record global headcount on the reporting date of 12,912 people. Bertrandt offers entry options throughout the entire development process – for experienced professional engineers and technicians as well as for graduates fresh from university. "We invested in further training once again throughout the fiscal year to reinforce our specialists' state-of-the-art know-how. At EUR 11.3 million we have again matched the high level of investment made in previous years," affirms Bichler. Bertrandt's status as an attractive employer was confirmed once more during the reporting period: The 2016 trendence Graduate Barometer showed that engineering students approaching graduation rate Bertrandt among their 100 most popular employers in Germany.

Further growth anticipated in the future
Technology industries are gearing up for further digitization and connectivity, new value chains and business models. Bichler consequently believes that the future poses risks, but also offers many opportunities, for the Company. "As an integrated engineering partner we are well prepared to meet the complex requirements associated with larger project scopes, legal regulations and new technological opportunities." These include reducing emissions, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0 and a greater diversity of models. Module and platform strategies and common parts enable a wide range of vehicle variants to be produced to meet individual customer wishes all around the world. At the same time, medium-term model plans are constantly being updated to develop models with alternative powertrains in response to more stringent emission standards. According to market researchers Lünendonk the market for technology consulting and engineering services is set to continue growing into the future. Most experts take the view that this is to the advantage of large, high-revenue companies with the infrastructure and capacity to take on complex projects. As outlined in the fiscal 2015/2016 annual report, Management is confident that the Company’s business performance will be positive in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

Consolidated IFRS-based financials for Bertrandt 2015/2016 2014/2015
Total revenues (EUR mn)
992.693 935.259
Revenues (EUR mn) 992.021 934.787
Operating profit (EUR mn) 92.865 91.637
Post-tax earnings (EUR mn) 63.608 62.636
Free cash flow (EUR mn) 10.952 -45.346
Equity ratio 46.9 % 56.9 %
Earnings per share (EUR) 6.30 6.21
Dividend (EUR) *Proposal for 2017 AGM 2.50 2.45
Employees worldwide 12,912 12,367

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