Hello, my name is HARRI

Hello, my name is HARRI

... an innovation platform and flagship project for the automotive technology and solution expertise provided by Bertrandt.

I have many parents: engineers, IT and software specialists, designers, project managers, model makers, vehicle construction experts, and all those at various Bertrandt competence centers who are working on the trend topics of tomorrow. With regard to the mega-trends of


they have joined forces to implement their visionary mobility concepts – on the basis of a domain / system structure and with all of the associated interfaces and functions. That’s how they created me. As an innovation platform for solutions relating to all aspects of automated, connected, and electric driving.

My parents are ambitious. They created me as living proof of their competence and innovative power, while at the same time showing how the technical merging of all their solutions works on a platform. In particular, these also include concepts and solutions for the topics of charging, software, connectivity, and ADAS validation – as veritable technological responses to the automotive challenges of today and tomorrow.

They have made me a genuine multi-talent. I can recharge myself at any charging station. I am able to see and hear and I am so good at finding my way around that I can drive autonomously. I am always up-to-date because I am interconnected in many ways and I am linked to a cloud backend. And I also meet all the requirements regarding safety and quality. 

But that’s not all. Like all parents, mine too want me to grow and continuously further develop. They make sure that I learn new things every day and remain open and flexible to visions and everything that is new, such as municipal mobility concepts, car-to-x, battery storage systems, data fusion, etc. As a holistic inspiration and point of reference for your future projects.


The HARRI innovation platform is convincing evidence of Bertrandt’s technical expertise along the entire value chain of future mobility concepts. It offers completely new solutions, not only for the automotive sector, but also for local authority infrastructure, logistics companies, and passenger transportation.

Peter Schiekofer, Director Engineering Autonomous Driving/eMobility/HMI

How it all began: My creators integrated all hardware components into a rolling chassis and developed my own design, from the initial sketch through to the final assembly process.

Integrated solutions:
– From the design to the finished vehicle body
– Electrical system development
– In-house system architecture
– In-house domain architecture
– Drive-by-wire system

Both inside and out: I interact with humans in many ways. My interior touchscreens give the driver full control at all times. I communicate with my environment via curved displays and my drive mode indication.

Integrated solutions:
– User-oriented UX design
– Wraparound light strip indicates the operating status
– Control via touchscreens
– Curved displays to communicate with other road users
– Drop-off and pick-up using an in-house smartphone app

Sensing the world: The data from my four lidar sensors, 16 ultrasonic sensors, and 12 cameras is combined and evaluated in real time, enabling me to drive independently. The combination of highperformance software with GPS allows me to find my way on my own.

Integrated solutions:
– ADC (autonomous domain controller) with algorithms developed in-house
– AI-based environment and object detection
– Sensor data fusion
– Trajectory planning
– Longitudinal and lateral control
– Localization

Endurance testing: My engineers have developed processes, methods and tools for virtual and physical testing in order to validate my autonomous driving functions.

Integrated solutions:
– Test methodology for automated driving functions up to SAE level 5
– Scenario catalogues and criticality assessments for scenario-based testing
– Virtual test tool chains based on the PEGASUS methodology
– Tools and test equipment for physical sensor and vehicle validation

Fully connected: Communications with my app, IoT devices, cloud services and clouds use certificate-based encryption. The cloud also supplies me with high-precision map data and software upgrades to ensure that I am always up-to-date.

Integrated solutions:
– Remote diagnostics
– Online/offline navigation based on the NDS standard
– Cloud-to-cloud communication
– Integrated cloud voice assistant service

Full power: Power and performance are provided by a high-voltage battery that has been developed in-house from scratch. Our multinational developer team has worked seamlessly together on the design of the electrical system. The battery has been built and successfully tested by our best engineers through to final approval.

Integrated solutions:
– Mechanical and electrical design
– Developing test specifications and pre-commissioning
– High-voltage battery construction
– Testing (battery test bench and climate test chamber)
– Battery management system software

Energy is vital: My energy supply are intelligent charging stations. With my IEC 61851 based charging infrastructure I can communicate with charging stations from any manufacturer.

Integrated solutions:
– Charging app
– Onboard energy management
– Cloud communication
– Communication using the Open Charge Point Protocol
– Smart charging based on ISO 15118
– Charging strategy and charging process validation

Quality is the top priority: We are international, with German roots. Quality is our top priority. The application life cycle management tool chain (ALM) ensured the quality of my software development process. Automotive SPICE combined with agile development approaches were the fundamentals for my hybrid software development processes implementing and validating my innovative functions at the highest quality standards.

Integrated solutions:
– Modified ALM
– In-house tools
– Iterative and incremental development
– Automotive SPICE
– Functional safety
– Quality management

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Peter Schiekofer

Director Engineering Autonomous Driving/e-Mobility/HMI