Statement on the coronavirus pandemic

Statement on the coronavirus pandemic

Personal words from the Board: We keep going.

The measures to fight the spread of the Corona virus are gradually eased. It is also our aim to return to a certain regular operation - while observing the specified hygiene and clearance rules. Above all, however, it is important that our employees remain healthy. We have taken numerous precautions to protect our employees, to reduce the risk of infection to the lowest possible level and thus further contain the spread of the virus.

For example, colleagues in Germany and also abroad have designed masks and have been sewing them in piecework for several weeks. The masks were gradually made available to all employees from all over Europe for work purposes as well as private use.

In parallel to the creation of the masks our communication campaign #wekeepgoing ran. We focused on social media such as Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and achieved good coverage there. This successful communication measure enabled us to show our customers that we are a reliable and strong partner for them even in this challenging situation and are doing everything in our power to deliver all projects in the usual Bertrandt quality.

Nevertheless, unusual times require unusual measures, even for Bertrandt. In order to secure jobs in the long term, some of the workforce is on short-time work. In addition, the entire management team makes an active contribution to improving the economic situation with reduced remuneration.

We would like to thank you for the extraordinary commitment of the entire workforce and your support as a customer in this difficult situation. 

Stay healthy and take care of each other.

Hans-Gerd Claus          Michael Lücke             Markus Ruf

Die drei Bertrandt-Vorstände vor dem Empfang von Bertrandt mit einer Botschaft zur Corona-Pandemie

The Management Board (from left to right): Markus Ruf (Finance), Hans-Gerd Claus (Technology) and Michael Lücke (Sales)