Financial Reports

Bertrandt Geschäftsbericht Konzernbilanz

Fiscal 2017/2018 at a glance.

Total revenues increased to EUR 1,021.020 million. The Bertrandt Group was able to generate total revenues of over a billion euros for the first time in its history. With two fewer working days than in the previous reporting period and ongoing challenging business conditions in the automotive industry, Bertrandt generated EBIT of EUR 72.141 million, a margin of 7.1 percent, and post-tax earnings of EUR 47.385 million. Forwardlooking investments of EUR 52.500 million were made in buildings and technical equipment for trend topics in the current fiscal year. With an equity ratio of 50.6 percent the Company stands on a sound financial footing. The number of employees increased by 259 in the reporting period to 13,229. The various activities in which the Company engages offer perspectives for specialists from numerous disciplines.