CLIFE Digital Twin Solution

CLIFE Digital Twin Solution

Smartification at its best

If you would like to display static and live real-time data on a digital twin of your factory to make your processes more efficient and your data easier to access, then you need CLIFE, the digital twin solution.

CLIFE stands for Cloud Live Integrated Factory Environment.

CLIFE is an ultra-modern digital twin solution that displays static and dynamic real-time data from smart factories. The CLIFE solution consists of a basic module (CBM) and additional connectivity (CCM) and extension (CEM) modules.

The CBM lies at the heart of the CLIFE digital twin. It aggregates, compresses, processes and stores data from a variety of different sources. CLIFE is a platform-neutral solution which shows a live 3D view of the plant and is accessed from a browser. The server can be on-prem, in other words local, or in the cloud. Because of its cutting-edge, forward-looking architecture, CLIFE is compatible with all operating systems and can run on any device. The architecture is based on microservices and Docker containers, which allows the solution to be adapted quickly to meet different requirements.

CLIFE connectivity modules make it possible to aggregate data from industrial protocols such as MQTT and OPC and business intelligence protocols such as REST and SOAP that communicate with a CBM connectivity hub. Here the data is validated, transferred to gateways for display purposes and logged in a database. An additional load balancer allows the application to be scaled using a transparent process if required. This ensures high availability without affecting performance.

The CLIFE extension modules provide functions such as data analysis, machine learning and production planning which make processes more efficient and enable the production phases to be evaluated.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Visualisation of all the workflows in one tool
  • Easily understandable information available quickly at any time
  • Intuitive design
  • Platform-neutral – can be accessed on smartphones and tablets
  • Live status and positioning of your factory components
  • High-performance 3D user interface

The CLIFE digital twin solution is a step towards the industrial Internet of Things. It brings factories, plants and machines into the cloud and helps users to make their processes leaner and their information more easily accessible.

The CLIFE digital twin solution opens up the following opportunities:

  • A transparent overview of the availability of machines and plants
  • High resolution management to reduce downtimes
  • Improved services for greater customer loyalty
  • Smartification of factories to improve processes

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