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Carolin Weissert

Personnel Management Intern

Always getting better.

The plan for Carolin Weissert was to be sitting in a bank today and advising customers on how best to invest their money, optimise their old-age pensions or spend their capital. After all, she had successfully completed her work-study programme in finance/banking. But during her studies, she noticed that there was an area that she liked better: human resources. That is why it was an easy decision for her to hit the “reset” button and develop her skills in this field instead. She did so during an internship at Bertrandt in Mönsheim.

“I have been here since 1 October 2018 and the internship ends in March. Let’s see how it continues – so far it’s been fun, at least,” says Carolin Weissert. This is of course down to the many-layered tasks that she handles in her team: from appointment coordination in recruiting and care for new colleagues to personnel development. She can also showcase her talent in special projects, such as organising Bertrandt career days for clients.

“We are a really strong team here, with a good atmosphere and great cohesion. Even as a new member I was quickly integrated and have the feeling of always being part of it.” Thus, she already noticed at her personal interview that Bertrandt offered a lot to its interns and took every step to make sure all employees could always improve themselves. So it’s no surprise that her commute to Mönsheim of just under an hour is not a problem for her. “In fact, I look forward to every new working day – the distance doesn't bother me.”

That doesn’t mean that she is at a loss as to what to do with her free time, however. Rather the opposite. But in sport too, she has the same motto as in her professional life: “It’s about constantly developing yourself. Training on the job or fitness training: if you stay focused and are always open to new experiences, you quickly improve and have more fun.” It is a position that already opened up new challenges for her after leaving school and has expanded her horizons. “During a social project with street children in the Philippines, I fell in love with the country and its people. And I hope that I will soon be able to go back, to see whether there has been positive development there, too.”

Jeremias Döffinger

Electromobility Intern

Be prepared.

Jeremias Döffinger never takes his eye off the road – neither in his work for the voluntary fire service, nor in his vehicle technology studies in Karlsruhe. And even as an intern, writing his bachelor’s dissertation in the firm, both he and his colleagues took the scouts’ motto to heart: “be prepared”. With a pager in his pocket he is ready for anything. “But at the moment, luckily, there’s not too much going on out there. This means I can concentrate on my internship and my dissertation.”

“After just a few weeks in the company, I can say that my internship is great fun and is helping me advance. Above all because the colleagues in my team are not just young and friendly, but also help you with every question.” Always being there when you are needed is of course natural to him. Already at his interview he realised that he would get along well with his colleagues and enjoy the atmosphere at the firm. “It was much more easy-going and comfortable than I imagined at first. Also, we already spoke about concrete topics for my dissertation; Bertrandt turned out to be particularly flexible.”

His dissertation concerns a new tool for the construction software CATIA, designed to make a task previously carried out manually faster, easier and more secure in future. This topic naturally requires a particular interest in and talent for the field of IT. “And, of course, for everything to do with cars,” he adds.

He is gaining practical experience in a team that is engaged in constructing high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles and belongs to the EEE department – Electromobility Electronics Evolution. This is one of the big, promising trends that particularly interests him. And the future is of especial concern to him. That is why, as a youth worker at the fire brigade, he is engaged in helping along the next generation. To make sure tomorrow is safer than today.