Mentoring Programm

Zwei Mitarbeiter in Gesprächssituation

Our Mentoring Programm

So that you, as a new employee, feel at home with us from day one, we will assign you a mentor. They will be your fixed contact, making time for you, especially in the first few months, and gradually introducing you to the customs and conventions here at Bertrandt. So that you are not buried under a heap of information on the first day, your mentor will take you through it all stage by stage and ensure that you, as a new employee, are well cared for on your arrival.  

Your mentor will support you for six months. In the first few weeks they will principally answer organisational questions. You can discuss questions relating to your field within the team. At the end of the mentorship period there will be a chance to summarise: Do you feel at ease? Can you suggest any changes? Naturally, we hope that by this time you will have found your feet at Bertrandt and be fully integrated.

Mitarbeiter im Bereich Diagnose bei Bertrandt

The Mentoring Programm is extremely useful and definitely helps you find your feet.

Cyndu Cyndu, Employee in Electronic Development