Technical Editing

Technical Editing – modular and focused on the target group

We are your certified full-service partner with a modular editorial process.
Our experts can offer you future-oriented solutions – from needs analysis and conceptual design to quality assurance and publication. In addition, we can provide comprehensive terminology management to ensure a consistent brand language and convey sound knowledge to your employees through technical training sessions.



For us, the focus is on the quality of our products. To achieve this, our strong team of experts is already working on tomorrow’s solutions. Our future-oriented approach that is focused on the target group and our expert know-how with optimum networking are the keys to our success.

Marcel Stranz, Team Manager Technical Writing

Motivation and loyalty of employees

Audited editing processes

Lifecycle support (modular system from the idea to product recall)

Our specialists can support you in the following areas:

Are you looking for a partner with many years of experience in documentation who can provide understandable, target group-oriented explanations of technical products?
Our experts can help you to create user manuals and repair instructions for the customer, workshop, and support staff.

Do you need a place where you can create and store your specialist wording for communication in a central location? Our professional terminology management ensures international consistency and reduced costs for you and improves communication within your company and with your customers.

Is raising the level of your employees’ know-how important to you? We can assist you in the further development of hard and soft skills and advise you on choosing the right methods, including follow-ups to training sessions. By using virtual and augmented reality, we create an understanding for complex processes and can train behavior and skills. 

With more than 45 years of experience in technical development, we have the expert knowledge that your employees will also benefit from.

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Marcel Stranz

Team Manager Technical Writing