Spare Parts Logistics

Efficient spare parts planning – from logistics to customer support

We support you with efficient solutions for setting up optimum processes for returned parts and parts obsolescence management, as well as defining the parameters for spare parts planning in accordance with your targets and designing sustainable processes and ensuring a high level of customer loyalty.    


Ensuring spare parts availability

Sustainable and transparent processes

Avoiding scrapping or renting additional storage space

Our experts can provide you with the following services in the field of spare parts logistics:

  • Analysis of spare parts availability problems
  • Analysis of excess stocks of spare parts in the warehouse
  • Recommendation of measures to optimize spare parts planning and the adaptation of:
    • lead time
    • ranges 
    • product lines
    • parameters in the forecast model
    • ordering processes 
  • Product line classification
  • Avoidance of obsolete stocks
  • Reporting of obsolete stocks
  • Planning, organization, and coordination in all phases of a project (pre-series phase, series phase and service phase)
  • Concept, planning, and implementation of the collection model for the entire lifecycle
  • Creation of documentation for planning and collection processes in the corresponding customer system, e.g. dangerous goods transportation documents, loading list, freight forwarding agent order, etc.)
  • Coordination of the freight forwarding agent

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Lale Räfler

Team Manager Spare Parts Logistics & Sustainability