Product Management

Our specialists support you throughout the entire product lifecycle – from the initial idea of ​​an after-sales product to its implementation and the end of its service life. We ease your work load by providing successful, tried and tested, and individually adaptable process and project steps that focus on transparency, sustainability, and solution orientation.



The best ideas come to me when I imagine that I'm my own customer.

Charles Lazarus

Innovation with Design Thinking to increase the flexibility of processes according to customer requirements

Complete protection against brand and product piracy

Customer centricity approaches along the entire product lifecycle

We support our customers to enable them to better understand the after sales market with regard to customer wishes, trends, and new technologies. Our strategic product analysis has a holistic approach that focuses on the customer and interconnects the strategy, technology, and costs.   

Our wide range of solutions:

  • Internal company analyses, competition and market analysis, and customer analysis  
  • Product requirement & risk analysis
  • Profitability calculation

Comprehensive support and responsibility for the entire product lifecycle is essential for successful product development and support. Based on our many years of technical and commercial expertise, we help our customers with:

  • the creation of product performance specifications for suppliers (technical and legal requirements)
  • the selection and management of suppliers
  • packaging planning, parts list creation, parts publication, and product marketing
  • Series support and product phase-out management

Our product influencing model ensures that repair solutions can be incorporated into the entire development phase, thus saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction. 

You can also ask us about the following services:

  • Technical product influencing
  • Preliminary evaluation of repair solutions and serviceability in concept phases
  • Installation studies and evaluation in series development
  • Logging and evaluation of service requirements

In addition to quantity and costs, price is a company’s third profit driver and it therefore plays a key role. At Bertrandt, we offer you an intelligent and comprehensive pricing model – from the head office and sales companies to the dealers and end customers.

Benefit from the following services:

  • Primary price determination through segmentation of after-sales products
  • Market analysis, support, and consulting
  • Preparation, coordination, and evaluation of market and competition analyses and derivation of price measures, incl. strategic price positioning and dealer margin optimization on a local and national level
  • Development and optimization of pricing analyses and corresponding key performance indicators  

Our brand protection model provides you with comprehensive protection against product and brand piracy. With the aid of our experts’ know-how, we support our partners to ensure that they do not suffer from a loss of sales revenue, price collapses, damage to their image, and a loss of technology and competitive advantages.

Ask us about the following services:

  • Operational case processing and archiving of legal cases
  • Product verification / gray market analyses (identification and tracking)
  • Organization and support security labels

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